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About this book

This web edition of From Scratch Web Games is the first draft version of the book with sections being released on a weekly basis (with some interruptions). The goal is to teach the reader how to create games using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from scratch. By from scratch, I mean being able to take a text editor or IDE and create a game using no third-party libraries. While this may not necessarily be the approach you would use for a commercial product, having the knowledge to do this makes working on any web-based project easier as you will understand the underlying work even if you are using third-party materials.

Most of the chapters will have a game-related project that builds on your current knowledge. My version of the game will be posted on Spelchan.com with the repository being TBD. It is urged you attempt the projects on your own before looking at my code or solution sections as the best way of learning is by doing.