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From Scratch Web Games: A Beginners Guide to Game Development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Chapter 4.1: JavaScript Basics Cheat Sheet

JavaScript is the programming language that is a standard part of browsers. While there have been several attempts of having additional languages, most attempts have failed. One arguable exception to this is TypeScript, which has a large following but unfortunately requires compiling into JavaScript before it can be used.

The purpose of the cheat sheet is to give you a summary of the main aspects of the JavaScript language, with classes and asynchronous work being in separate cheat sheets. If you fully understand what is in the cheat cheat then feel free to skim or skip this chapter. I urge those readers to attempt the project just to make sure they really do understand the material but that is up to you.

The cheat sheet is here and the source in my github repository located at https://github.com/BillySpelchan/FromScratchHTML_CSS_JS.

Chapter contents

Chapter 4 Contents

4.1 Cheat Sheets

A quick summary of the basics of JavaScript.

4.2 History of JavaScript

A brief look at how JavaScript was written in 10 days.

4.3 Comment Controversy

Comments. Why programmers don't write them, and how they should be written

4.4 Variables

Variables are used to store the state of a program.

4.5 (extra) How Computers Represent Data

Bits, Bytes, and data types.

4.6 Math

Math on the computer similar but some symbol differences.

Math functions

Various math operations can be used through the Math class.

4.8 Strings

Strings are what we call blocks of text and are used extensively.

4.9 Calculating true and false

Coming April 21st, 2024

4.10 Conditional expressions (if)

Coming April 28th, 2024

4.11 Nested conditions

Coming May 5th, 2024

4.12 Switch statement

Coming May 12th, 2024

4.13 Functions

Coming May 19th, 2024

4.14 Looping

Coming May 26th, 2024

4.15 Nested loops

Coming June 2nd, 2024

4.16 Accessing the Web page

Coming June 9th, 2024

4.17 Events

Coming June 16th, 2024

4.18 Project: Where’s Wendy

Coming June 23rd, 2024

4.19 Project: Where’s Wendy implementation

Coming June 30th, 2024

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History of JavaScript
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