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From Scratch Web Games: A Beginners Guide to Game Development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Chapter 2.1: HTML Basics Cheat Sheet

Each chapter, with the exception of the first and last, will have a cheat sheet summarizing the chapter. The cheat sheets are being written using the technologies we are discussing, and I will limit what tags and formatting used in the cheat sheet to just what I have already covered or am covering in the chapter. This means that this first cheat sheet is pretty limited in it’s presentation. The purpose of the cheat sheet is to give you a summary of the chapter and to allow readers who are already familiar with the material to review the material and decide if they want to skip the chapter. I urge those readers to attempt the project just to make sure they really do understand the material but that is up to you. Here is the cheat sheet and the source is located in my github repository.

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Chapter 2 Contents

2.1 HTML Basics Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet for this chapter.

2.2 What is HTML

A brief history of HTML

2.3 Structure of a HTML Document

What makes up a HTML file

2.4 Tags and Elements

How tags are used to create HTML elements

2.5 Special Symbols

How to display things such as <, >, &, 😀

2.6 Links

Linking to other pages, other sites, and within the page

2.7 Images

Adding images and image maps to your page.

2.8 Lists

Ordered and unordered lists and nesting lists.

2.9 Tables

Tables with spanning rows and columns.

2.10 HTML Only Game Project

The game of NIM is the project for this chapter.

2.11 HTML Only Game Solution

How my solution to the NIM game was put together

Bonus article

Solving Nim.

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