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December 21, 2018

Santas SearchAn enhanced version of Last year's Santa's Search this time having 360 degrees of motion and a functional automap. For those who don't remember, the evil gnome has chased Santa's reindeer out of the corral and Santa must find them so he can deliver presents.
Santa's Search

December 1, 2018

This month’s release is a Christmas game so it will be released closer to Christmas. I am thinking that the Winter solstice would be the ideal release date so will see you then.

November 1, 2018

Cribbate SquareIn Cribbage Square you try to arrange 17 cards into a 4x4 grid + the nib in order to create the highest scoring cribbage hands possible. It was ported from the original Flash version and is part of my HTML5 Games using Create.js eBook which is in development.
Cribbage Square

October 1, 2018

Pent up AngerPent Up Anger is an original board game based off of mechanics found in some other board games I played as a kid. It was created for my Flash Game Development book so has now been ported to HTML5 for my HTML5 Games using Animate CC eBook. While it will be a while before my blog reaches this game, the anger aspect of the game seemed ideal for this month.
Pent Up Anger

September 1, 2018

FleetCoffee Quest has started being upgraded but I am not as far along as I would like so for this month I am just releasing the beta. I hope to greatly improve the automap and the quest item display. Once that is done the engine I am developing is also going to be used for the updated CQ2 and CQ3 games!
Coffee Quest 1 beta 1

August 1, 2018

FleetNot my greatest game, String Along is an arcade game and is a level-based variant of the classic game Snake where as you eat food you grow in length. My subscription to Creative Cloud expired before I could get around to optimizing the game, and have no plans on going back to Creative Cloud as I can do everything I need in Create.js.
String Along

July 13, 2018

FleetTo celebrate Friday the 13th, here is my port of 132 Spikes original edition. Save a balloon from being popped by moving it to the safe location in thirteen spike-filled rooms.
13^2 Spikes - Original Edition

June 1, 2018

FleetThe port of my Fleet game. Destroy your opponent's fleet of ships before he destroys yours! This is more of a re-write than a port. Details will be appearing on the June 2nd developer blog post.

May 25, 2018

Towels for EarthThe port of my Towels for Earth game for towel day! Save the Earth from destruction by throwing towels in the way of demolition beams.
Towels for Earth

May 1, 2018

Four in a Row As the towel day game is not being released until late in this month, I have released an HTML port of Four in a Row. The original version was my first Java game and in 2010 I did a preliminary version of this game as my first Canvas game. This version fixes some AI bugs while implementing animation of chips.
Four in a Row

April 13, 2018

Easter Egg Generator Friday the 13th. What better day to release my Nightmare Maze game. This game is part of my “HTML5 Game Development Using Animate” eBook which is being released on my development blog. It is also the first episode of my One of those Weeks series.
Nightmare Maze

March 28, 2018

Easter Egg GeneratorAs Easter is April 1st, here is my Easter Egg Generator so you can make some virtual easter eggs. My next release will be on Friday the 13th.
Easter Egg Generator

February 28, 2018

Video PokerAs promised, though slightly later than I expected as I was busier than expected llast weekend, here is the Video Poker game from my HTML5 Game Development with Animate eBook. March's “game” will be near the end of the month in time for Easter.
Video Poker

February 1, 2018

NIMThe first game in my HTML5 Games Using Animate eBook that is being released on my development blog. Try to get the last gem! The second (video poker) game will be released near the end of this month.


January 1, 2018

Calendar NIM

A preview of some of the games that I will be releasing through the year in the form of a Calendar NIM game.
Calendar NIM

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