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Fleet Instructions

Fleet is one of the first Java games that I wrote. To make the game more playable on tablets, I had to rework the user interface quite a bit which makes this more of a re-write than a port. Unlike the other ports, this game was ported to Kotlin instead of JavaScript and is compiled to HTML5. For my opinions on how well this worked out, see my postmortem on my development blog.

In this classic game that use to be played with pen and paper, but now is played on a board with easily lost plastic pieces, you control a fleet of ships. You have an opponent who also controls a fleet of ships. Your goal is to destroy your opponents fleet of ships before your opponent can destroy your fleet of ships.

The game is played on a 10x10 grid. You have to place your five ships on the grid, though the computer will automatically randomly place the ships on the grid for you. The option to re-arrange the ships is still available (though some tablets had issues with dragging ships). Ships can be moved to new locations by simply dragging them. The area on the grid where the ship will be moved to will be highlighted yellow if valid and red if the location is invalid. The direction that a ship is facing can be changed by double-clicking on the ship.

Once all your ships have been placed, you and the computer trade turns shooting. Select the location you want to shoot at. If you hit one of the computers ships, an explosion will be placed at that location. If you miss, a splash circle will be placed at that location.The game continues until all the ships in either your fleet or the computers fleet has been sunk.