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Pent Up Anger Instructions

This is a HTML5 port of my Flash version of Pent-up Anger which was originally part of my Flash Game Development eBook that was released on BlazingGames.com. This book is being re-written for HTML5 and is being released on https://BlazingGames.blogspot.ca for those who are interested in finding out how the game was created. It will be a while until the blog posts reach this chapter so be patient.

Playing the Game

Pent up Anger is an original board game that I designed which is loosely based on other board games that I have seen. The game's board is pentagon shaped. Each point of the pentagon is a player's starting location. Each player is assigned a different color and has five playing pieces numbered one through five. Their starting gate also has the numbers one through five on it.

Turns revolve clockwise around the board. Players start their turn by rolling an eight sided dice. Before the player can move, they need to get one of their pieces out of the starting gate. This is done by rolling the number that is assigned to the piece. Players can only move or start once piece a turn. Any piece that is on the board can be moved as long as the move will not take the piece past the player's loading zone. If the player lands on an opponent's piece, that piece get's taken back to the starting gate.

The loading zone is a special four square line on the board that starts just before the players starting point. Once the player's piece has landed in the loading zone, the piece is able to leave the board. To leave the board, the number of the piece must be rolled.

Players win the game once all their pieces have been removed from the board.