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December 23, 2017

The Final game in my Santa trilogy for this year has been released. Santa has discovered that the evil gnome has released all of his reindeer so now you must find them so you can make your Christmas deliveries!

Santa's Search
Santa's Search

December 9, 2017

The second game in my Santa trilogy for this year has been released. After encountering Santa’s Snowball Patrol (see Santa’s Snowball) you, a toy stealing gnome, failed in your mission to disrupt Christmas. Not wanting to return to the Gnome King in failure, you have come up with an alternative plan. If Santa doesn’t have reindeer, he can’t deliver the toys!

Evil Gnome's Revenge
Evil Gnome's Revenge

Black Friday 2017

As black friday is traditionally the start of Christmas shopping, what better time than today to release the first of 3 Christmas games. Practice your targetting skills to help defend Santa's workshop.

Santa's Snowball
Santa's Snowball

If you are interested in the coding/technical aspects of my games, a postmortem of this game will be appearing on http://homebrewgamejam.blogspot.ca/ for my November 1st post.

Halloween 2017

For Halloween I have decided to port my Halloween Scratch game from 2006. It is now an HTML5 game that will also work on most tablets and phones.

Halloween Scratch
Play Halloween Scratch

Friday the 13th

I have finally got around to starting to overhaul this site. I have the menu system set up and over the next while (depending on how much time I can find) will be fleshing out the various sections. I am hoping to start releasing ports of some of the Blazing Games Flash and Java games as I develop them with plans on posting at least one game a month. Some months, depending on how well the Emulator I am developing on my homebrewgamejam.blogspot.ca is doing. Slow weeks may guilt me into releasing additional games. Likewise, extra games for holidays and special events may also happen.

Speaking of special events, it is Friday the 13th on the day this is being posted so to celebrate this day of horror I am releasing the port of 132 spikes, pumpkin edition. The pumpkin edition was picked because Halloween is later this month.

13 Spikes Pumpkin Edition
Play 132Spikes pumpkin edition