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Playing Santa's Snowball

This is a HTML5 port of my 2004 game that originally appeared on Blazing Games. It works on browsers and tablets though the targeting icon doesn't appear on the tablet until after you click on the target which is a bug that will be fixed if I decide to do a high-def version of this game in the future.

Evil toy stealing gnomes have been seen in the area. As the 24th is rapidly approaching, it is up to you to help protect the toy factory. For that reason, each day before the delivery each of you will have to go to target practice where you will throw snowballs at cardboard gnomes. To qualify, you must hit 7 out of the 10 gnomes that appear. To keep you on your toes, there will also be some targets that have Santa on them. Don't hit those targets or a hit will be deducted from your score.

There are three endings to this game.