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Playing Evil Gnome's Revenge

This is a HTML5 port of my 2012 game jam entry for Ludum Dare #25 which had the theme “You are the Villain.” While it was created after Santa’s Search (the third game in this trilogy) it actually fits well in the series and is fun. This has been changed from the original to use mouse and touch input instead of the keyboard.

After encountering Santa’s Snowball Patrol (see Santa’s Snowball) you, a toy stealing gnome, failed in your mission to disrupt Christmas. Not wanting to return to the Gnome King in failure, you have come up with an alternative plan. If Santa doesn’t have reindeer, he can’t deliver the toys!

Chase Santa’s reindeer out of the correl. Move by clicking (or touching if applicable) where you want to move to. Santa will hear the noise, so you only have a short period of time to release as many deer as you can.