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Cribbage Square Instructions

Cribbage Square is a solo game where you try to make the best ten cribbage hands that you can by arranging cards into a 4x4 grid with an extra starter card. There are a number of variations on the Cribbage Square games with one featuring a 4x4 grid with no start card and a 5x5 grid. This game is an HTML5 port of the game originally developed in Blazing Games Guide to Flash Game Development volume 1 eBook and is being released in my Making HTML5 Games Using Animate CC eBook which is being slowly posted on my development blog.

Playing the Game

Playing the game is very easy. You simply look at the card that has been dealt and decide which empty slot to place the card into. Clicking on the card slot places the card there. The hard part is in scoring the hands. While the computer will handle the scoring for you, knowing how the scoring works will help you better place the cards. In fact, this game is really good for practicing your counting.

A hand consists of four cards plus the start card. Points are earned as follows: