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Hex Life

The GameDevTV game jam has the theme Life in 2 Dimensions. I am programming this game entirely from scratch meaning no libraries but assets may be third party. This immediately got me thinking of Conway’s Game of Life. I was thinking of some type of combat game where you need to strategically place your cells on the hex grid, so started building a hex version of life with three different types of cells that compete with each other.

The first version of the game is not a game but just a random scattering of the cells to see if the mechanics had any potential.

The Second version of the game is a beta version with all the elements I had time to create in place. I want more than one campaign level, and to clean up the appearance, but not sure how much I am going to be able to do as will not have much time.

The released version of the game is what was released for the GameJam. While the code is a bit on the smelly side, here is the source code for the game.

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