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Move pieces to fix the picture


Your goal is to re-assemble the picture. Click on the first tile you want to swap and then the tile you want to swap it with. While similar to the original picture puzzle, the distortion caused by stretching different sized images add a little bit more challenge to the game.

Plans for 2021

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2020 was a disaster for me so lets hope 2021 improves. Besides covid, my Thesis just is not coming together and my Dad has medical issues. My lack of spare time is even worse as I suffer through some type of malaise resulting in me being even less productive than normal so the choices of games to port may be low hanging fruit. I am enjoying my Teaching Assistant work, so want to focus my blog more on teaching so plan on a series adding different types of solvers to Queen’s Challenge. If this is successful, another chess puzzle might be worth exploring. Another thought I had would be video ports where I show a port being developed as I do it explaining all the lines of code and concepts used . And of course, you know I am going to have my Mother’s Day game and want to work on a certain RPG. Lets hope 2021 turns out to be a better year.