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People who know me know my interest in pseudoscience. Sometimes starts of as an attempt at real science but when the results don’t hold up become pseudoscience when practitioners refuse to accept reality and come up with elaborate excuses for believing their pseudoscience. One of these cases is the rather interesting Biorhythms concept. This started out with the observation that people have up and down cycles in a variety of areas so came up with a calculator for calculating how a person is doing in the areas of physical, emotional, and intellectual states. I added a fourth universal state which is how in tune with the universe a person is.

The physical cycle represents physical aspects such as strength, coordination, and overall wellbeing. It is a 23 day cycle and has been referred to as the male cycle. The emotional cycle represents creativity, sensitivity, awareness, and mood. It is a 28 day cycle and has been referred to as the female cycle. The third cycle, which came later, is the intellectual cycle and represents analysis, analytical thinking, and memory. It has a 33 day cycle. My own creation, based on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is the universal cycle which is how in tune with the rest of the universe you are. It has a 42 day cycle.

This has been studied several times, with the results favoring the null hypothesis, meaning that the results are no better than one would expect from random chance. There are many ways to argue there may be some validity, such as different people may have slightly different cycles so I have added the ability to adjust the cycles, and shift when they start. Feel free to play around with this, but I suspect that any positive results are a coincidence. Granted, I am doing this while my intellectual level is on the low side so could be mistaken.