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Knight's Tour

This is a port of an older Flash game that I created. The goal of this puzzle is to move the knight from it's starting location through every tile on the chess board without entering a tile more than once. Knights, for non-chess players, move an L shape moving 2 tiles in one cardinal direction and 1 tile orthogontally from that tile. To make things more challenging, the knight is placed for you. Simply click on the tiles where you want to place your knight and if it is a valid move, the night will move there. If you are using a mouse, there will be highlights showing you what tiles are valid.

If you are having trouble solving this puzzle, or curious about how computer's solve puzzles, there is a solve menu on the right. Backtracking will try moves until it can't move then undo and try other paths. Forward checking adds the ability to look at the possible moves to detect when a potential move will be problematic allowing earlier backtracking. Heuristic uses a heuristic to solve the puzzle while Hamiltonian uses a hamiltonian path.