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A Zero hour port

As there is talk about getting rid of daylight savings time, and since November 1st is the day when we set our clocks back, I figured this would be the last chance I would have of doing a Zero Hour game jam. I decided to do my own variation of this and decided it would be a zero hour port. Back in 2014 I did Zombie Run in 0 hours, so this year I am porting it in 0 hours. My rules, were that I could prep graphics (and I count .json sprite atlas info as graphics) and use existing code but all new code had to be written between 2am and 2am. I will post a detailed breakdown of my work on my blog in the middle of the month.

Playing Zombie Run

Zombie run is a very simple game, as you should expect of a game written in 0 hours. As it turns out, Covid-19 is actually a zombie virus and the infected have become zombies. As you actually wore a mask, you are one of the few remaining living people. As a zombie is chasing you, you must run by typing the key shown on the screen or clicking on that key. Good luck.