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This is the HTML5 port of my Flash game Leap Year Leap. Leap years are important years as they are used to keep our calendar consistant with the seasons. This game celebrates the leap year by making you leap over the leap years while running through the non-leap years. While this sounds easy, you will find getting a perfect score to be a very difficult challenge indeed.

When you start the game the years slowly start coming toward you. 42 of the years from the last 2020 years will come towards you. Your goal is to quickly look at the year that is approaching you and determine if it is a leap year or not. If you are sure that the year is a leap year, you must jump over it. You jump by pressing the cursor up key, mouse button, or the space bar. If you time your jump correctly and the year being jumped over you will gain a point which is indicated by a bell sound. If your timing is wrong or your assessment of the year is wrong then you will hear a thud sound and will not gain any points. It goes without saying that you are suppose to run through the non-leap years.

The pacing of the game starts off slow, but every time you are correct in your assessment of a year the game will speed up. Alternatively, the game will slow down every time you make a mistake, but if you are after a perfect score of 42 then this is no consolation..

This game is tied to the Gregorian calendar that is in use in most of the world uses the concept of the leap year to keep the dates aligned with the seasons. This is necessary because the year is not exactly 365 days but actually 365.2425 days long. This extra quarter of a day means that every four years the 365 day calendar will slip a day. By adding February 29th, this problem is fixed. Observant readers will notice that there is slightly less than a quarter of a day each year. This is why every year that is evenly divisible by 100 is not a leap year. However that is still not quite right so every year that is evenly divisible by 400 is a leap year.