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Playing Easter Run

I am working on using Procedural Content Generation via Machine Learning (PCGML) in a mixed-initiative editor. This is an editor that uses AI to help in the design of levels. I am hoping to have this finished by September, but as a quick test, created this game using my tool. The editor is designed for a larger resolution so the player is a bit small and there is a lot of optimization that is needed to get the game performing better on lower-end systems but that is something I will be working on so the game will be much better next year for the sequel.

Gameplay is simple. You use the keyboard to navigate jumping to reach higher platforms or jump over things. Collect Easter eggs and avoid slimes. Collecting eggs increases your score, which will slowly decline over time so try to complete the three levels as quickly as you can.

Have fun. If you want to know a bit more about my research, feel free to contact me.