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Playing Sudoku

This is a combination of my sudoku generator and my sudoku player from Blazing Ganes. To win sudoku you need to fill in all the tiles with the appropriate numbers. Each row, column and group must contain the numbers 1 through 9 only once.

Click on one fo the tiles in the puzzle to select it. On the right side is a note area where you can set checkmarks to help you remember which numbers belong in the tile.You select the number to use by clicking on it. When show mistakes is on (click on the show mistakes button to toggle it between on and off) any errors will be marked in red while valid numbers are green. Note that validity is a reflection of the current state of the puzzle and not the final solution. Clear notes will remove all the checkmarks for the selected tile. Hint will fill the checkmarks with the possible numbers for the selected tile. Check will see if the value in the tile is logical for the current puzzle state and if not will remove the number while checking the possible valid numbers.