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Playing Color Collapse

This game is not complete but is still in development. Part 1 is playable but animation and undo features have not been implemented yet. I am also going to be implementing a password system and add support for themes. These features will be rolled out when I release the part 2 and part 3 levels in the future.

Falling block games are quite common. When I originally designed this game I had been playing a few different variations of falling block games. I thought to myself 'What if instead of the game field filling up, you had to clear it out?" Hence this game was born. Color Collapse First appeared on my old site in March of 1998, which in itself was based on a unreleased C++ game I wrote earlier. As the 1998 game was in Java which no longer runs in browsers I ported the game to HTML 5/JavaScript using my own graphic libraries. While I did have a Dart version of this game, that mysteriously quit running in some browsers.

Color Collapse is a puzzle game where the goal is to remove all the colored blocks from the play field. Clicking on a group of color blocks removes all the connected blocks of that color. A block is considered to be connected only if the two blocks are horizontally or vertically connected. All the connected blocks will be removed and any blocks above the removed group will fall to fill in any gap. Each set is made up of multiple (4-12) puzzles.