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This game requires a browser that supports the HTML5 canvas!

Evil Snowmen

With Christmas and Friday the 13th both coming this month, I couldn't resist creating an original Coffee Quest 2 level featuring evil snowmen. The game's basic story is as follows: What a bad day! After arguing with this annoying Jack Frost person at Tim Horton’s, you suddenly find yourself in a frigid maze and you didn’t even get your coffee! This simply will not do! You remember seeing a power outlet somewhere, now if you can find the required items to make a cup of coffee, your day will be set! The problem is that there are snow creatures that don’t seem to like you much so things may not be easy. Snow Rat

Snow Rat. These loving creatures just want to freeze your heart!

Snow Dwarf

Snow Dwarf. Sick of all the short jokes they hear, they want to take their anger out on somebody, and you are the only human here.

Snow Man

Snow Men. These are annoyed because Jack never created any Snow Women so are taking their rage out on you.

The game can be played with a mouse by clicking on the buttons in the hud (and the weapon to use it) but for best results you should use the keyboard as follows:

On the bottom of the screen is the status bar. This bar is broken into sections. On the far left is movement buttons so the game can be played with the mouse or touch devices. Next to that is the quest inventory holding icons for the quest items that you have picked up. Next to that is your active melee weapon. Clicking on it will use it as will pressing the F key. The arrows next to it let you swich weapons (if you have more than one). Next to that is your current Ranged weapon. The arrows here let you switch between different ammo types. You fire weapons by clicking on this or pressing the space bar. Next to that is your current Armor, with more armor protecting you better. The bar beside this is your personal condition The lower the bar the worse your health. Past that is a mini-map.

You pick up items by walking over them. Go to the power outlet with all the items needed to make coffee in order to win the game. Obviously, the monsters don't want you to win so they will attack on site.