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Hunt the Santa

Another game without JavaScript

Hunt the Santa title

The project for chapter 3 was a clone of the classic text-based game Hunt the Wumpus. This is a total conversion of that game replacing the artwork with a Christmas related theme.


You have been bad so know that you will not be getting a present from Santa without magical intervention. Thankfully, you were able to steal one of cupid’s arrows, so now all you need to do is to shoot Santa with that arrow, but must do so at a distance so he doesn't see you doing so.

Move through the caverns by clicking on the move buttons. When you think you know where Santa is, fire your arrow at the passage you suspect it lies. You only have one shot so shoot wisely. Also be careful as the elves have created a teleportation system that will sent you to a different part of the north pole, and Krampus has been seen visiting Santa recently.

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