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Horse Racing Game

Measuring Tool circuit

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About Horse Racing

The game clearly is inspired by older arcade games. Having a moving physical element adding dimension to the game. The game is more of a two-player game but having an AI that adapts itself to the pace of the player who is playing it makes the single player mode challenging. Having a potentiometer that allows control of the difficulty makes it possible to control how challenging of a game you want.

This project ran out of pins for controlling things so required the use of a Shifter chip. This lets you serially input 8 bits into the chip using just 3 pins which frees up 5 pins. These were used for the various lights in the game. A buzzer chip was used for simple sound effects.

Players control their horses by clicking on one button, then their other button and must alternate between the two for the move to be detected. The AI is controlled by a potentiometer and will base it’s speed on the speed of the player so thinking about this leads to the best strategy to use against the AI.