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Santa Tac Toe

Santa Tac Toe originally started as a simple demo of using recursion to build a search tree to help students in the AI lab I was running on their project as this is the starting point for more advanced techniques such as alpha-beta pruning and even has elements for Monty Carlo Tree Search which is surprisingly effective. As I haven’t wrote a Christmas game in a while, I figured I would introduce Krampus, a popular character in other parts of the world who is starting to make some inroads into Canada. For those not familiar, he is a darker version of Santa and instead of rewarding good children, punishes bad children.

In this variant of Tic Tac Toe, you can choose to be either Santa (by choosing Krampus as your opponent) or as Krampus (by choosing Santa as your opponent). Santa will move first, with difficulty based on your opponent and how good you were. Hint, if you want to win, don’t be bad and play against Krampus. Moves are made shown using the faces of the player making the moves. Simply click on the tile you wish to place your piece to make a move.