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Hunt the Webbus

Another game without JavaScript

The project for chapter 3 is a clone of the classic text-based game Hunt the Wumpus. As with all projects in this book, the reference version that I create only uses the material and concepts that have been covered up to this point. As this chapter is the second programming-related chapter in the book, there is only the basics of HTML and CSS, so we have to use multiple pages and interactivity is rather limited for now. Since we have not covered JavaScript or the more advanced features of CSS yet, we are very restricted with what we can accomplish. Just using links is surprisingly powerful, but as you add more states to a game the number of pages needed to be created blows up very quickly. This time we are trying to recreate a more ambitious game.


The evil Webbus, a terrifying silicon-based lifeform, has been eating local farmer’s cows and sheep. You have been sent into it’s cavern to hunt it down. Unfortunately, you somehow lost your quiver of arrows and only have a single arrow left. The cavern itself is made up of twisty passages between chambers so navigating is a bit tricky. Each cavern has three exits and as your arrow is a trick arrow, it can navigate the passage to hit a target. Rumors exist that in addition to the deadly Webbus, there are caverns that teleport you and deadly slime. Hopefully you will be able to pick up the warning signs and avoid these hazards.

Move through the caverns by clicking on the move buttons. When you think you know where the Webbus is, fire your arrow at the passage you suspect it lies. You only have one shot so shoot wisely.

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