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Billy D. Spelchan
Armstrong, B.C., Canada
Email: Spelchan@blazinggames.com
Willing to Relocate!

Job Objectives

I am seeking a position in software development. I have experience with both client and server-side development. I can write applications for computers, phones, tablets, microcontrollers (IOT devices) so am pretty much able to develop anything that would be needed.

Recent Education

September 2017 to Present : Considering going for a Masters Degre

With my high A average it is very clear that I am very knowledgeable within the field but I tend to be a generalist so would have to decide which area I wish to focus on.

November 2014 to August 20, 2017: Thompson Rivers University (Open Learning)

Bachelor of Computing Science
Focused on Software Engineering and algorithm based courses while pursuing a generalist approach as I am interested in all aspects of computers. Included courses from Athabasca University and Okanagan College in Kelowna.

Recent Work Experience

September 2017 to Present        Blazing Games Resurrection

As the numerous (over 100) games from Blazing Games being written in Flash and Java are obsolete to modern browsers (Java applets don’t work, Flash will disappear in 2020) I am porting the games to newer technologies with plans on crowdsourcing more commercially viable games.

April 2003 to September 2014: Blazing games President and Head Developer

Created a corporation with two other people for the development of independent games. The website (which remains up until 2019) became too big of focus detracting from our larger scale projects and with drastically increasing competition leading to declining profits it was decided by my partners to dissolve the corporation.

1999 to 2010: Spelchan software

My consulting company which I kept open while running Blazing Games to allow for potential work on non-gaming projects.

Technologies Used

I am only listing tools I commonly use or have used. Can quickly learn related tools if not known.

Programming Languages:C, C#, Java, C++, Objective C, GoLang, Basic, Pascal, Python, Cobol

Scripting Languages:ActionScript, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, PHP, Haxe, Batch, Bash, PowerShell

Assembly Languages: 6502, 68000, 80x86, Sparc, MVS (IBM 370 Mainframe)

Platforms: Internet, Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, IOS, Arduino, BSD, Palm OS, MVS JCL

Frameworks and Engines: .Net, Node.js, JQuery, Create.js, Unity, Babylon.js, SDL, AGK, Game Maker, RPG Maker

Graphics libraries/tools: OpenGL, DirectX, WebGL, Flash, Blender, Photoshop, GIMP

Databases: SQLite, MySQL, dBase, PostgreSQL

Other Tools: Docker, Tomcat, Libre Office, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Jira, Audacity, ShotCut



Samples of how I used the technologies above are available with many of them publicly posted on the internet. If you want additional samples of my work for a particular technology, please contact me and I will see what I can do to demonstrate my mastery of the technology.

Website with my material: BlazingGames.com, Spelchan.com (this site), TarotRevealed.com, 2600Dragons.com