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July 2020

Independence Day Flag Game

Last year I did a Canada Day game so this year will be for my neighbors south of me as they celebrate Independence Day. Simply set off firecrackers to build the American Flag.
Play Independence Day Flag Game

June 2020

Conways Game of Life

The Game of Life was created by John Horton Conway to study cellular automaton. Sadly, Conway passed away April 11th. This month I am releasing my verison of his simulation, which I wrote as part of a 24 hour challenge. This version adds the concept of cancer to the game which has interesting results.
"Play" Conway's Game of Life

May 2020

Easter Run

Mother's Day is May 10th this year so this month's game is dedictated to the memory of my mother. Her favorite game was Color Collapse so this month I continue my work on porting color collapse from Java to JavaScript. This updated version switches to the ECMAScript 6 standard while adding undo and redo buttons. Animation still needs to be done but with work on my thesis I simply didn't have the time to implement it.
Play Color Collapse Part 2

April 2020

Easter Run

This month’s game is not a port but a quickly developed platformer using my mixed initiative editor that I am working on as part of my Thesis research. Collect eggs while avoiding slime. Do this as quick as you can as time costs you points! There are three levels that you can complete and a high score to beat.
Play Easter Run

March 2020

English Peg Solitiare

Peg solitiare is a board-based solitiare game where you remove pieces by jumping over them and win by getting down to one piece in the middle of the board. There are different versions of the game. this is the English version.
Play Peg Solitaire (English)

February 2020

Leap Year Leap

As it is a leap year this year, this month's game is the HTML5 port of Leap Year Leap. The goal is to simply run thorugh non-leap years while jumping over leap years! See if you can get the maximum score of 42.
Play Leap Year Leap

January 2020

This year, do to work on my thesis, I am not sure what I will be able to release. There are some games that I do have planned for next year while some slots remain open based on how few hours I am able to put towards porting or creating games. As I am not sure what order things will be released (with a few obvious exceptions), instead of a calendar I am having a puzzle gallery with hints of games I am going to release.

Puzzle Gallery

For older releases please check out the archives