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December 2019

Loot Run

This month has both Christmas and Friday the 13th in it so I decided that I would combine the two occasions by creating a new Coffee Quest 2 map but with new monsters. This time you need to deal with snow rats, snow dwarfs, and snow men.
Evil Snowmen

November 2019

Loot Run

Loot Run was my Ludum Dare #26 game jam entry from a long time ago, and since Blazing Games is closed, I am moving the game here because it is actually a pretty fun game.
Loot Run

October 2019

Halloween Liche

A HTML5 port of my Halloween Lich game where you must block salvos of energy balls from the evil liche.
Halloween Liche

September 2019

Coffee Quest 2 Beta 1

Coffee Quest 2 dramatically improved on Coffee Quest by adding monsters to the game. This port of CQ2 from Java to HTML5 also makes the game real-time. There is still a bunch of balancing and cleanup to be done to the game so if you have issues please let me know.
Coffee Quest 2 Beta 1

August 2019


I have merged my Sudoku Generator with my Sudoku Player from Blazing Games. If you don't know what sudoku is, it is a game where you try to fill in a grid of numbers so that no number repeats within the column, row, or group that it is part of.

July 2019

Canada Day Flag Game

July 1st is Canada Day so what better time to release the HTML5 port of my Canada Day Flag Game. Catch maple leaves to make the Canadian Flag appear. Your score is based on how long it takes you to perform this task. While the game is easy to play, it was developed using my own graphics library so was a bit more challenging than a Create.js port would have been.
Canada Day Flag Game

June 2019

Coffee Quest original map

Here it is. Coffee Quest 1 with the original map now using my new engine. While there are still some features that I want to add, those can be done with Coffee Quest 2 and 3 which I hope to be releasing soon.
Coffee Quest - Original Map

May 2019

Color Collapse

I am posting this game on Mother’s Day in memory of my mother. My color collapse game was her favorite game so it is only fitting that I start posting my HTML version of the game on this day. This game is not complete as I still want to add animation, a password system, and a undo feature as well as themes to change what the blocks look like for people who have trouble with color. I was planning on releasing the second installment later this year but might make this my Mother’s Day game for the next couple of years.
Color Collapse part 1

April 1, 2019

Tarot Revealed Site

An HTML5 port of my Easter Egg Hunt game. Find a dozen Easter Eggs in this 3D search game.
Easter Egg Hunt

March 15, 2019

Tarot Revealed Site

The Tarot Revealed project was a series of Tarot reading games and since I own the TarotRevealed.com domain I figured that it would be best to set up a new site for hosting that game. As there is a lot of pages to port, I will be adding a new layout in the middle of each month. I had originally hoped to have all the existing games ported all at once but simply didn't have enought time.
Tarot Revealed

February 1, 2019

Tennis with Dice

An HTML 5 port of a simple dice-based game that is based on Tennis.
Tennis With Dice

January 5, 2019

Calendar NIM

A preview of some of the games that I will be releasing through the year in the form of a Calendar NIM game.
Calendar NIM

For older releases please check out the archives