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June 2019

Coffee Quest original map

Here it is. Coffee Quest 1 with the original map now using my new engine. While there are still some features that I want to add, those can be done with Coffee Quest 2 and 3 which I hope to be releasing soon.
Coffee Quest - Original Map

May 2019

Color Collapse

I am posting this game on Mother’s Day in memory of my mother. My color collapse game was her favorite game so it is only fitting that I start posting my HTML version of the game on this day. This game is not complete as I still want to add animation, a password system, and a undo feature as well as themes to change what the blocks look like for people who have trouble with color. I was planning on releasing the second installment later this year but might make this my Mother’s Day game for the next couple of years.
Color Collapse part 1

April 1, 2019

Tarot Revealed Site

An HTML5 port of my Easter Egg Hunt game. Find a dozen Easter Eggs in this 3D search game.
Easter Egg Hunt

March 15, 2019

Tarot Revealed Site

The Tarot Revealed project was a series of Tarot reading games and since I own the TarotRevealed.com domain I figured that it would be best to set up a new site for hosting that game. As there is a lot of pages to port, I will be adding a new layout in the middle of each month. I had originally hoped to have all the existing games ported all at once but simply didn't have enought time.
Tarot Revealed

February 1, 2019

Tennis with Dice

An HTML 5 port of a simple dice-based game that is based on Tennis.
Tennis With Dice

January 5, 2019

Calendar NIM

A preview of some of the games that I will be releasing through the year in the form of a Calendar NIM game.
Calendar NIM

For older releases please check out the archives