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May 2021

April Fool

Color Collapse part 3

My Mother's favorite game was Color Collapse so the last few years for May (Mother's Day) have been porting the game to HTML 5 with a part per year. This is the final part, so suggestions for future years will be welcome.

April 2021

April Fool

April Fool

April Fool was the first game I created for Blazing Games a long time ago so it is only appropriate that I finally get around to creating a new version of this game.

March 2021

Evil Eggs

Evil Eggs

As Easter is at the beginning of April, I am releasing my Easter game this month. This is a JavaScript/HTML5 re-write of my Flash game Evil Eggs where you need to help the Easter Bunny detect evil eggs..

February 2021

LiteTux beta

Lite Tux beta 1

As a tiny part of my Thesis research I created a platformer game which is a simplified version of SuperTux (a clone of another game). I am relasing a beta this month and hope to have a better version in a few months.

January 2021

2020 becoming 2021 (click links for games containing hints to plans)
2020 was a disaster for me so lets hope 2021 improves. Besides covid, my Thesis just is not coming together and my Dad has medical issues. My lack of spare time is even worse as I suffer through some type of malaise resulting in me being even less productive than normal so the choices of games to port may be low hanging fruit. I am enjoying my Teaching Assistant work, so want to focus my blog more on teaching so plan on a series adding different types of solvers to Queen’s Challenge. If this is successful, another chess puzzle might be worth exploring. Another thought I had would be video ports where I show a port being developed as I do it explaining all the lines of code and concepts used . And of course, you know I am going to have my Mother’s Day game and want to work on a certain RPG. Lets hope 2021 turns out to be a better year.

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